baby strollerOne of the greatest inventions known to mankind is the baby stroller. There are so many different types these days and so much competition. I found this site the other day that solely reviews the best double strollers available! nothing else, just double strollers. Talk about niche!

There have been many other names used over our history as a civilized species, but this is how most of the Western world now refers to this type of baby transport. Other names for the baby stroller used around the globe are pram, bassinets and baby carriages, among others. Contact us for more info or see our  sitemap to navigate through our site!

British inventor William Kent’s baby carriage of 1733 is the earliest recorded indication of a wheeled transport created for babies. Things have clearly come a long way since back then. Now you have all kinds of crazy inventions like this JOOVY Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

William Kent’s version was shell shaped, offering much in the way of safety shelter for it’s young passenger. Kent came upon the idea when a friend asked him if he could create something to carry her baby in while she was about town shopping.

The first recorded indication of American made baby strollers came from Benjamin Potter Crandall’s, making way for a number of patents granted to his Jesse to manufacture baby carriages for the public to utilize. By 1840 the baby carriage was very popular. In particular in England, where Queen Victoria ordered three carriages from Hitchings Baby Store.

Early baby carriages were made of wood and wicker, many times adorned quite extravagantly. Especially by royalty who owned and used baby strollers. Brass joints and fittings were common, making way for a elegantly decorated baby transports. This to the point where baby carriages eventually became a form of financial status among the elite.

baby stroller old

June of 1889 brought a patented reversible stroller, designed and brought to the public by William H. Richardson. The bassinet cover was made to reverse it’s direction so it could either face away or toward the parent. This was a large step in a positive direction for the baby stroller and became a very popular evolutionary development.

Richardson also created the first stroller which allowed the ability of each wheel to turn individually, as all baby carriages up until this point in time had been manufactured with two basic axles. By the 1920’s baby carriages had become much safer, boasting larger wheels, brakes and sturdier frames that were lower to the ground than their former counterparts.

As we can see, the baby stroller has come a long way over the past 260 years. What was first created out of a simple practical need has evolved into a product that most of us really can’t live without in our day and age.